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It's the Space Year of our Lord 2021 and some idiot's made a fucking geocities page. Why Geocities? Fuck if I know. I guess looking up a bunch of old anime fansites from the 1990s has gotten me a little nostalgic for something that I in no way could be nostalgic for (I was literally not alive to experience any of it). Anywho, so I know what you're wondering:

"Why is this page so badly formatted?" for indeed that is most definitely the most pressing question to be asked here.

Answer: Because I'm an HTML n00b so I'm still learning the ropes. Sue me.

Wait, that's NOT the question you had in mind? Welp, fuck.

So me fucking about aside, what is The Blade of Damocles? BoD is basically a retro-anime throwback story I've had in the works in various stages for some time now, but only really began full development on in 2020 due to having large amounts of free time thanks to the COVID pandemic. It comes from my childhood love of retro anime as despite being more of a 2000s kid, I did indeed grow up with several old anime series and OVAs from the 1980s and 1990s. In more recent times, I rediscovered a plethora of new old titles that have reignited my love for the days of "Japanimation", such as the likes of the various Macross entries, Bubblegum Crisis (and really everything ARTMIC did in the 1980s like Megazone 23 and Gall Force), Patlabor, Project A-KO, Burn-Up!, and many others. Not that I dislike modern anime, but anime these days just doesn't offer a lot of what I really find most appealing about the medium.

So a little about me. My name is Jodie, I am in fact a human being alive on the planet Earth allegedly, I'm pursuing a career in Museum Collections Management, and I like drawing things that are likely to confuse future archeaologists. I initially had my eyes set on an Art major, but that went fucking no where so I shifted gears and decided to do something with my interest in history and historic objects and such. Besides museum interests, my history background extends to historic European arms and armour of the 14th-17th centuries and their design, functionality, decoration, and how they express contemporary ideas of power and masculinity. Armour isn't a clunky ugly tinfest for me, but a comprehensible language and artform just as much as it is a means of bodily defence. Beyond history, I enjoy drawing (both by hand and with Photoshop), writing, action figure and model kit collecting and customizing, JFashion, gaming, and being a fucking idiot who spends tons of money on imported Japanese-only manga and mooks from the 1980s. So there's that I guess.

Anywho, I don't have an email address to link here just yet, but don't worry. I'll have one up soon so whoever stumbles onto this website can send me hatemail. :3



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